AM Lithography
Renewable Energy

slidedeck_wind_slide3AM Lithography continues to look for ways to reduce its footprint and overall impact on the surrounding environment. Since December, 2001, 40% of the electricity we purchase for our Holyoke Manufacturing Facility is renewable hydroelectric power provided by a local dam and overseen by the Holyoke Water Power Company, a division of Northeast Utilities.


We are now eligible to participate in the Commonwealth Solar and Wind rebate programs. Managed by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) Renewable Energy Trust (RET), these programs provide substantial financial incentives for the installation of photovoltaic solar generation panels or small-scale wind turbines on residences or commercial buildings.


The recent installation in 2012, 2011, 2009 of energy efficient equipment, lighting and appliances has further reduced our need of these precious resources.


Starting in February, 2006, hydro credits were increased to our Chicopee location for additional use of hydroelectric power. A joint venture with the New York Power Authority currently operating two large hydroelectric dams on the US-Canadian border has made this possible.


As additional programs and provisions become available to our electric providers, AM Lithography is committed to treading lightly and preserving our valuable resources.