AM Lithography

RecyclingLong before printers were advertising their use of certified and recycled papers, AM Lithography was reducing waste in landfills and bettering our environment. We have been recycling 100% of our waste paper, for well over 15 years, including paperboard, corrugated cardboard, die board plywood, and general office paper.


Reducing paper waste is of primary concern at AM Lithography. With the addition of our new automated Komori LS40P Perfecting Presses, waste is almost nonexistent. Traditionally, hundreds of sheets would be needed to make ready a full color job on a press of this size. With CTP produced plates, one-step register adjustment, and pre-inking electronically sent from prepress, complex make-readies are reduced to 10’s of sheets versus 100’s.


Looking for ways to reduce chemical usage is always in the forefront not only for our customers but for our employees as well. The Komori LS40P does just that with alcohol-free dampening systems, oil-free bearing units, and reusable blanket cleaning cloths. AM Lithography’s decision to incorporate environmentally friendly presses in its manufacturing process only furthers their commitment and dedication to the environment.


Reducing waste in this area is really just the beginning. Each and every printing plate and aluminum blanket bar used to print customers’ jobs at AM Lithography is recycled. Fountain solution processed on site through a recycling system reduces waste and reuses chemicals once discarded. Soybean-based ink formulations approved by the American Soybean Association have become routine for many of our clients’ work and continue to be among the most requested requirements for environmentally friendly printed products!


Even as printed product leaves our facility, it is more than likely being shipped out on a recycled wood pallet that has been previously received into our various locations. Pallets not adequate enough to transport printed material on are brought to a nearby facility where they are then recycled into usable wood pellet fuel.