AM Lithography
Lenticular Creation

We are among one of the only companies in the Northeast that have ventured into the area of lenticular production. This highly specialized art form involves the interlacing of several images to create one final image that can be viewed through a plastic lens. The lenses are called lenticules – thus the term lenticular.

Taking advantage of our extremely strong Pre-Press team, and our ability to print on plastic, we’ve developed a different approach to this process. Most lenticular pieces are printed on paper, then laminated to a lens in a separate and extremely difficult hand operations. Because we can print directly on the back of the plastic lense, we are able to eliminate this step, greatly reducing our turnaround times while increasing the level of quality through automation.

You can choose from the following effects:

Two or more images are interlaced together. When the piece is moved, the image changes – or flips – from one to the other.

Sometimes referred to as 3-D, this process creates an illusion that the images inside the piece are arranged in space so that you can look into it rather than just at it.

An effect that allows an object, like a company logo, to zoom towards, then back away from the viewer.

The illusion of motion can be achieved by interlacing several images in a logical series. The source could be images captured from motion video, or a series of carefully photographed scenes that animate correctly when interlaced.

As the name implies, this effect shows one image morphing, or seamlessly changing, into another.